Introduction Video

Use this assignment to introduce your team to the class. The goal is to let the class know what your agency’s value proposition is to tell them a little about each member.


  • Package yourself in an interesting, professional, and memorable way
  • Highlight qualifications of each member with effective tone and style
  • Build confidence in delivery skills


Video: Create a 2-minute video and upload to YouTube. Send us a link using the “Upload File” button located below.


Pricing Segmentation Strategy

If the new tattoo mega-studio has only one price for a given market or region, we are probably pricing too high for some customers and too low for others. By pricing according to different customer’s willingness-to-pay levels, we can maximize our revenue while personalizing our marketing messages to create deeper customer loyalty.  

Your Agency is tasked to create a pricing geographic segmentation model for our go-to-market approach. Design an effective blueprint that clearly outlines pricing strategy for the following segments:

  • Locals vs Tourists

Segmentation model should include:

  • Work together as a team to pinpoint the attractiveness of both segments and communicate the advantages and disadvantages for each segment in your model.
  • Prioritize the segment you want to focus the majority of your marketing budget on because you feel you have a superior advantage for satisfying them. Provide the % allocation of your marketing budget for each segment (example: Locals 70% Tourists 30%)  
  • Demonstrate how you will motivate and incentivize each segment through custom pricing or loyalty rewards. Establish and detail standard hourly rates and minimum charges for each segment as well as any value-added custom deals or perks.

Format: No restrictions

Transaction Building Strategy

Develop a transaction building strategy that would appeal to increasing impulse purchases at “Oasis”, the boutique shop located inside the new Posh Salon & Spa. Outline at least two tactics that focus on the four Ps of marketing (product, pricing, placement and promotion) to deliver value and create a sense of urgency in the customers’ mind.

 (Example: Using interior design principals, the Posh design team spared no expense in lighting the display for the new  “Elizabeth Arden” skin care line available for purchase at Oasis. The team used a combination of colored lighting and spotlighting that sets the display apart from the rest of the store.)

 Format: Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; Limit papers to no more than two pages. Include a cover page for your strategy. (does not count as one of the two pages.)

Transactional Email Marketing

The Posh Hotel understands the value of well-placed promotions in transactional emails, but they have largely ignored its value since setting up the program initially. With the launch of two new brand properties (the tattoo mega-studio and the salon & spa), they are ready to overhaul the marketing tactics, offers and creative used in their transactional email program.

Dan Murray, CEO of the Posh Hotel & Casino recently said “The problem is that we have a program that is not being actively managed and is on auto-pilot”

“While we can handle updating metrics and segmentation through our IT team, we are looking for help on the design and offers from our outside creative agency.” Says Murray.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are automated messages, triggered to send on demand by specific interactions on your website or application. Examples of transactional emails include order confirmations, shipping notifications, membership renewal notices, account status messages, and many more.  Source:


Your team is tasked to re-invigorate the transactional email program that has been on autopilot for too long. Demonstrate strategies for targeting improvements by focusing on creative elements (design and offers) of the program.

Choosing from either the new tattoo mega-studio or the new salon & spa, design one transactional email specifically targeted for appointment cancellation messages. This communication should aid in their customer journey while still attempting to further the customer relationship.


  • Don’t miss the intent of the email (Transactional information)
  • Don’t overshadow the transactional information with too many promotional aspects
  • Consider the email’s content
  • Links that should be included
  • Amount and size of images within the email
  • Offer value, not spam


Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Remember that increasing registrations for the grand opening event of the tattoo mega-studio does not fall all on your team’s shoulders. The Posh hotel is encouraging those who’ve already registered for the event to spread the word by giving them a referral link to share across their social networks.

Your team is tasked to create a “Mobile First Referral Program” in which those who bring on more event registrants with their referral link will receive some type of reward. All Attendees must register for the event using the Posh Hotel’s mobile app.

Be sure your program details the following:

  1. How it Works
  2. Rewards
  3. Conditions (example: registered attendees who are no-show to the event don’t earn rewards)
  4. How to redeem rewards at the event


  • Make referrals prominent for everyone but consider different levels or tiers for “elite” advocates.
  • Personalized messages are more meaningful and likely to get attention.
  • Consider giving advocates more than one way to share their referral code.
  • Get creative with rewards for referrals.
  • Consider partnering with the new Posh Salon & Spa to offer advocates a unique bonus.
  • Add a gamification element to your referral program such as points.
  • Make offer redemption time sensitive.
  • Give advocates a chance to choose the type of reward they want from multiple possibilities.


Format: Create one or two illustrative PowerPoint slides to showcase your program. (title slide does not count as one of the two slides.)

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