From Theory to Practice:

A Digital Learning Experience for College Students


In this highly interactive digital learning experience, students work in teams to start their own boutique marketing agency, producing compelling, insight-driven creativity that generates real world results. From rapid creative ideation to full-scale execution, students agencies must craft their own brand identity while working with their client to build brand equity.

Experience Info:

Experience Sign-up
Storyline Video
Length: 10 – 21 days
Multi-Player (Teams of 5 or more)
No student pre work
Minimal faculty preparation is required

Deliverables include required assignments and optional bonus challenges for extra points.

For Courses In:

  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Decision Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Brand Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Design
  • Marketing Research
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Communications
  • Customer Relations
  • Digital Media & Marketing
  • Crisis Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Introduction to Business

Student Experience

Introduction –

During registration, Students will divide into teams of 5 or more and work together to quickly brand their boutique marketing agency. This will include a company name, slogan and the selection of executive positions. Teams will act as the agency-of-record (AOR) for The Posh Hotel & Casino, a 188-room boutique property located on the Las Vegas Strip. As they work to meet a tight deadline from a luxury resort, students will make creative and strategic decisions in an effort to maximize the announcement of 2 new additions to its resort offerings.

Storyline –

Students prepare by reviewing the storyline video (1:46). They will learn about The Posh Hotel & Casino’s more than $150 million worth of additions and renovations, including the new 10,000 square foot, tattoo mega-studio and a new luxurious salon & spa. They also will hear from the CEO explaining the task at hand.  


Decisions –

Students will make a variety of creative decisions for 2 new “resort offerings”: Tattoo Mega-Studio and Salon & Spa. Their work will have a major impact on brand identity and driving sales through strategy, creativity and collaboration. Successful teams will carefully consider the impact of their marketing plan — and whether it is aligned with their overall strategy.


Our curriculum management system uses color coding and enhanced visuals to help students effectively manage their assignments through a transparent and easy-to-use workflow.

Scoring / Assessment –

  • Team Participation – 15% 
  • Brand Identity – 10%
  • Design – 10%
  • Written Rationale – 10%
  • Market Research – 10%
  • Market Strategy – 20%
  • Creative Campaign – 25% 


Course Level –

Professors can choose to increase the overall comprehensive nature of the experience by electing to turn “on” the bonus challenge module during the initial sign-up.                    See #8 for more details.   


Bonus Challenges – (Coming Soon)

This flexible learning environment ensures students have enough time to complete the required assignments (#6), while also giving them the opportunity to earn bonus points through various challenges (optional). 

Each challenge is designed to be completed in 30-minutes or less and range from above introductory level to advanced level activity. 

Topics Include:

  • Crisis Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Customer Retention 

Leaderboard –

A real-time leaderboard is used to increase the level of competition.  Live results are available throughout the duration of the experience for the instructor to review and discuss.

Empowering Messages –

The act of giving and receiving empowering messages has a big place here at StellaINK101. With just a few words our celebrities and business leaders enhance the student’s experience. As teams earn points, they will unlock words-of-wisdom from successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, business leaders, athletes and more.

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