Q: What is StellaINK101?

A: A digital learning experience for college students, featuring an engaging storyline and collaborative framework meant to establish a positive classroom culture.


Q: How long is the experience?

A: 10 -21 days (Professor choice)


Q: Who can sign-up?

A: College Professors can sign up their classes for participation


Q: When can a Professor sign-up their class for participation?

A: Professors can sign-up their class anytime at stellaink101.com/sign-up

Q: What types of classes are ideal for StellaINK101?

A: From introductory courses to senior capstone projects, both undergraduate and graduate classes have participated in our experiences.  Here are just some of the examples:


Digital Media & Marketing

Social Media



Integrated Marketing & Communication

Consumer Psychology

Business Fundamentals

Market Intelligence

Product Management

Consumer Behavior


Marketing Strategy


Competitive Analysis

Customer Relationship Management

Business Dynamics

Management of Marketing Communications

International Marketing

Product Strategy

Relationship Marketing

Marketing Research


Q: What is the cost of StellaINK101?

A:  StellaINK101 is 100% free


Q: What pre-work is required?

A: Minimal faculty preparation is required


Q: What type of support is available for the students during the learning experience?

A:  Our staff is available each day for support to you and your students.


Q:  How do I track the performance of student teams?

A:  Our dynamic real-time leaderboard will show which team is in lead and their work will be available to professors.


Q: How many students are on a team?

A:  StellaINK101 requires a minimum of 5 students per team.


Q: What if I have more than 5 students on a team?

A:  You can have as many students as you would like on a team. During the sign-up process, teams will choose 5 executive leaders.

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